Saskia Freeke is an artist, creative coder, interaction designer, visual designer and educator. Her work addresses structure, geometry and playfulness. A significant part of her artistic practice is the ongoing daily art project she started in January 2015, in which she explores and experiments with generative patterns and animations. Starting 2019 she has extended her practice of expression by incorporating geometry and playfulness in live coded visual performances on stage. Saskia has been a lecturer in Physical Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London and taught visual design at the University of the Arts Utrecht School for Games and Interaction.

Timo Hoogland is a live coder, creative coder, music technologist and educator based in the Netherlands. He livecodes experimental electronic music and develops generative audiovisual compositions, installations and performances. Timo graduated from the Masters of Music Design at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht, where he developed the live coding environment Mercury to research and develop algorithmic composition techniques and generative visuals in live coded performances. He has an active role in organizing live coding meetups and Algoraves together with Creative Coding Utrecht, is part of the Netherlands Coding Live community and performed at various events and festivals such as ICLC, ADE, Gogbot, Tec-Art, Droidcon and React.


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